What Makes A Neighborhood A Truly Great One?

Welcome Home SignEveryone wants to love the neighborhood they live in, but what actually makes a neighborhood great? Let’s find out.

When you buy a new house you aren’t just buying or renting a home you are entering a new neighborhood.

As much as we’d like to believe otherwise not all neighborhoods are the same and, unfortunately, the perfect neighborhood just doesn’t exist. Everyone needs something different out of a neighborhood. You can only hope to find one that is perfect for you.

There are, however, things that the best neighborhoods have in common. Keep these things in mind and find a neighborhood that matches these and your other needs.

1. Find a neighborhood that matches your lifestyle
Ask yourself if the neighborhood matches the lifestyle you lead. You will naturally gravitate towards a neighborhood filled with people like you. A young single person would not do very well in a gated community just like a full size family wouldn’t enjoy living in a small condo. So find a community that you really fit in to.

2. The people are proud to live there
You can tell if a neighborhood is good because the people there are proud of where they live. They show this by taking good care of their homes and their neighborhood in general. They regularly come together to make things better for everyone.

3. Good neighborhoods have low crime rates
Neighborhoods with low crime rates are calm neighborhoods that are nice to live in. The crime rate of a neighborhood will give you an indication of the direction the community is heading. When people are interested in safety the crime rates go down and it’s a nice place to live. If the crime rates are on the rise then you should avoid the neighborhood.

4. Good neighborhoods have great schools
If you have kids, or plan to have them in the future then you want a neighborhood with a good school. You can find out how good the schools in a neighborhood are with an online service like greatschools.org. They rank schools and you can also read reviews from parents with children there. Great schools improve the neighborhood as a whole because they make it more valuable and keep property prices high.

neighborhood sidewalk5. There are lots of outdoor activities
A good neighborhood has plenty of places you can go to for some outdoors fun. Find a neighborhood that has places you can jog or bike through. If your neighborhood has a swimming club or leisure centre, golf course, or tennis courts, then it makes it even better.

6. The place has a rich history
People want to live in a place that has a lot of history. A neighborhood with trees on the sides of the roads makes a place feel so much more established. An established neighborhood feels more stable and they generally have lower crime rates and more friendly people.

7. Easily Accessible Medical Care
A key thing that people look for in a neighborhood is great access to medical care like a doctor’s office or a hospital. This is especially true if you have children, are elderly, or are living with elderly relatives.

8. Great for all the family
If you have children then you need a neighborhood that has a lot of families living there. The more children in a neighborhood the more things for children there are and the more chances they have to have fun and make friends. Not to mention things like carpooling schemes are more prevalent in areas with lots of kids.

9. Good access to public transport
No matter the lifestyle you lead you will benefit from access to public transportation. If you are young and commuting then you benefit from public transportation just as much as an older person who wants to cut down on their car usage.

10. Plenty of options for shopping and dining
Having plenty of options for shopping and eating out are great for people who lead busy lives and don’t have the time or energy to cook meals every day.

11. A thriving nightlife
The best neighborhoods have a strong nightlife. They have a good downtown area that has bars, night clubs, cinemas and theaters. Things like this make a neighborhood feel alive. It’s a bigger priority for people who are young and want to have fun but anyone can enjoy a neighborhood with plenty of entertainment choices in close proximity.

12. It’s easy to walk through
A good neighborhood is one where you can leave the car behind and walk to anything you want like the market or shops and parks your neighborhood has. It’s healthier for your body and mind to walk and taking the time to walk through a neighborhood helps you love it more.

In Naples, FL, there are so many different types of neighborhoods that there truly is something for everyone. There are golf communities, resort communities, beach communities, 55+ communities, and everything in between. If you’re looking for a wonderful neighborhood that matches your lifestyle, then taking a look at these listings may just help you to find the neighborhood of your dreams!