Hash House Harriers Mix Booze With Exercise

hash houseReferring to themselves as a drinking club beset with a running problem, the Hash House Harriers navigate the running trails of South Florida. This they do thrice a week and these runners are called the hashers. Their running has been described as a fluid picnic with some light orienteering.

This practice has been traced to Malaysia in the late 1930s when the British colonial masters and the enlistees enjoyed a similar game. Known as the Hare and Hounds, they enjoyed this game as a way to have leisure after a tiring previous day. After sweating it out, they then retired to a restaurant. However, the meal offered at the restaurant was so uninteresting and unappetizing that they tagged the place a ‘hash house’. And something interesting came up.

For the colonial officers and the enlisted ones who were not supposed to mix, they gave themselves nicknames. The rest is now history as the tradition is maintained until today. In Palm Beach, the runners have selected some really catchy nicknames. Some of these include Return to Gender while some others like Anal Inspector and Climax by Night are more daring. All of the hashers make use of a pseudonym.

Anal Inspector confesses that he does not really know much about the other hashers but he can state that they enjoy running and guzzling on beer together. Anal Inspector happens to be one of the well-known faces in the beer-running clique. In addition to making use of nicknames, there are also a number of other signs that they make use of. A very popular one is ‘BN’, which stands for beer near.

It is also the hare who knows the precise outline of the route for running. At the start, a piece of chalk is thrown on the ground by the hare. The hare also marks trails on the bushes with toilet paper. After reaching two miles, the runners can enjoy a cooler full of chilling cold beers.