Chilly Conditions Having Lasting Effects on Fishing in Southwest Florida

florida-fishingAccording to Southwest Florida fishing reports, the ongoing chilly weather condition in the area has presented the fishermen with difficulties in getting fish. This blow in the fishing industry has been caused by days of heavy rainfall accompanied by the unpredictable onshore winds.

These unfavorable fishing conditions that have lasted for a while have left fishermen pondering on their next move. As much as these conditions were expected, the extreme chilly conditions have caused some instability in the area especially for those who depended entirely on fishing for their livelihood.

The chilly weather in Southwest Florida is expected to change and become favorable with the coming of the easterly winds and the rising atmospheric pressure. However, even before this transition in the weather conditions takes place, the fishing momentum in the area will have slowed down. This is so because the cold temperatures and heavy winds have a tendency of scattering the fish and this may take some time before the situation stabilizes.

Just before the onset of this cold weather season, redfish was easily available in the shallow water ends of the region. Fishermen concentrated on the inlet regions and areas with shell substrates in order to maximize their catch. However, this is not the situation at the moment and many fishermen are agonized. Researcher have associated such conditions with the way nature balances itself to prevent occurrences of overfishing that may lead to depletion.

Experienced groups of fishermen such as the red grouper who have been fishing both in spring and summer times agree that the changes in weather conditions have lasting effects in the fishing industry. According to them temperature rise in the gulf region generally improves the number of catches per day. They argue that the improvement of weather conditions helps to move fish from the deep seas in to the shallow regions making them more accessible.