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Chilly Conditions Having Lasting Effects on Fishing in Southwest Florida

According to Southwest Florida fishing reports, the ongoing chilly weather condition in the area has presented the fishermen with difficulties in getting fish. This blow in the fishing industry has been caused by days of heavy rainfall accompanied by the unpredictable onshore winds. These unfavorable fishing conditions that have lasted for a while have left… Read more »

What Makes A Neighborhood A Truly Great One?

Everyone wants to love the neighborhood they live in, but what actually makes a neighborhood great? Let’s find out. When you buy a new house you aren’t just buying or renting a home you are entering a new neighborhood. As much as we’d like to believe otherwise not all neighborhoods are the same and, unfortunately,… Read more »

Hash House Harriers Mix Booze With Exercise

Referring to themselves as a drinking club beset with a running problem, the Hash House Harriers navigate the running trails of South Florida. This they do thrice a week and these runners are called the hashers. Their running has been described as a fluid picnic with some light orienteering. This practice has been traced to… Read more »

Burger Beast Brawl

Be part of this gastronomic event on Friday – May 9. The Miami Lakes Auto Mall Burger Beast Burger is an outdoor event where all burger makers and lovers convene. This one day affair will start from 7 to 10 pm at the Magic City Casino. There will be a $50 all-inclusive ticket, wherein attendees… Read more »

16 Percent Rise in Miami Home Prices Since February

The latest index made by Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller states that the values of Miami Real Estate have accelerated by 16 percent in February. The numbers have been derived by using calculation and comparing home values of February last year to the same month of this year. In a closely analyzed report, counties such as Miami-Dade,… Read more »